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Second place on lan @ Rybnik

POSTED BY bullet April 14, 2018

The time has come to sum up the Proskilled competition in Rybnik.
The beginning of our struggle were matches in the group for the exit.
We won all of them in turn with the results 16: 2, 16: 9 and 19:16 respectively.
After a few hours of struggling, we were facing a match at 1strzał2karetki (Pozdro @presciak)
In the end, we won after a balanced 2-0 match without losing a single map yet.
On Saturday, it’s time for the semi-final. We played a group of nonsense, and that’s basically what it was
the best spectacle all over the field 🙂 After a demanding comeback, we managed to win the entire semi-final
score 2: 1 and enter the final. Unfortunately, in the final we found the @szpero team, which just outclassed us
winning 16: 7 on Cache and 16:12 on Inferno. Score? Podium in second place 🙂
And this weekend we are seeing each other in Turek.

At the end, we would like to thank SGE for the excellent organization of the cast.